The Discipline of Ballet Class

A must read for ALL dancers.


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Discipline in ballet class simply means learning , practicing and demonstrating expected behaviors specifically associated with ballet. From the dancers’ viewpoint, discipline comes from the desire to meet and obtain the desired results in class, that is, learning and perfecting the steps taught. Taking ballet class develops self discipline of the body as well as critical thinking skills. Practicing ballet physically changes the body by teaching it a way to communicate through the choreographed movements, we call steps.

Dancers, executing the required barre, center and across the floor dance combinations, requires them to focus on the exercises and combinations in logical, orderly phrases, that create a sequence. Those phrases relate to the accompanying music. The dancer requires self discipline to meet the standards of ballet. Sometimes, learning to commit to the study of ballet, dancers increase self discipline and abilities which may have a positive effect on learning…

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Audition

Audition submissions for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang close tomorrow (12/07). Applicants must be aged 10 by the 4th of November 2013 & no older then 15 by the 22nd of December 2013. More info can be found in the link below. This is a professional production staged at QPAC.


Theatre & Dance in Brisbane will also be holding an audition workshop for those auditioning. 


More Murwillumbah!!


Congratulations to all our soloists that have performed so far. Everyone has danced beautifully.

8 & Under Tap – 2nd Emma & 3rd Caitlin
8 & Under Jazz – 1st Caitlin
8 & Under Song & Tap Duo – 1st Amelia & Zoe
8 & Under Jazz Trio -1st  Amelia, Caitlin & Zoe
8 & Under Song & Dance – 2nd Zoe
10 & Under Restricted Tap – 1st Ruby J
10 & Under Song & Dance Trio – 1st Emma, Ruby O & Tiani (92 marks)
10 & Under Tap Duo – 1st Ruby O & Tiani
10 & Under Song & Dance – 1st Tiani
10 & Under Song & Tap – 1st Tiani
12 & Under Restricted Tap – 1st Riley & 2nd Holly
12 & Under Tap Duo – 2nd Riley & Holly
12 & Under Jazz Duo – 2nd Holly & Riley
12 & Under Tap Impro – 1st Della
12 & Under Song & Dance – 1st Georgia