Our Studio

Welcome to Coastal Dance!

We believe movement feeds the mind, body and soul. That’s why we’ve built a distinguished dance school that encourages participation at every level, for those seeking a new hobby to those wanting to pursue dance as a career. Through our dedication to community involvement and helping others follow their passion, we remain committed to achieving our vision of bringing the joy of dance to life!

Established by Patron Kay Horsey as Coastal Dance Theatre in 1978, she produced some of the leading dancers in Australia. After Mrs Horsey’s retirement in April 2012 the studio was taken over by now Princpial, Kate Hanna with the studio relaunched as Coastal Dance in January 2013.

We offer classes in all styles of dance with qualified teachers with a passion for dance. Students are given the opportunity to participate in Ballet Conservatoire Exams, Tapatak Oz Tap Exams and if students show dedication to dance they are given the opportunity to join our competition teams. If Coastal Dance sounds like the studio for you, you can enrol online HERE!

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