Annual Award Winners 2019

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Congratulations to our annual special award winners for 2019! Each winner was incredibly deserving of their award for the improvement they showed over the year. The award winners for 2019 were:

Most Improved Jazz Dancer: Yasmin Kurk

Most Improved Classical Dancer: Angelina Dozzi78401608_1632287216913885_5097171039754911744_o

Most Improved Vocalist: Amanda Oliveira

78640865_1632287270247213_2336922208611336192_oMost Improved Tapper: Taylor Cocks


Most Improved Acrobat: Isla Davies79016781_1632287390247201_7884176194302640128_o

Most Improved Junior: Charlotte McArdle79190726_1632287443580529_374592775380795392_o

Most Improved All-Rounder: Abi Westmorland78364870_1632287510247189_4075706440990326784_o


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