Ipswich Combined Teachers Festival 2016

Congratulations to our competition teams who competed at the Ipswich Combined Teachers Festival over the weekend. We had such a great weekend with our Coastal families & were so proud of the achievements of our students. A special congratulations to our Seniors who were awarded the Most Promising Group for the 2nd year in a row!

Under 12

3rd – Song & Tap Group – All I Do
3rd – Song & Dance Group – Movies Are Movies
HC – Tap Group – Lullaby of Broadway

Under 15

2nd – Slow Modern Group – A Drop In The Ocean
3rd – Song & Tap Group – Tap Your Troubles Away
HC – Jazz Group – Get Outta My Way
HC – Tap Group – Fascinating Rhythm
HC – Slow Modern Group – I’ll Be There For You
HC – Contemporary Group – 2one Another

Under 18

1st – Contemporary Group B – Ghosts of Sky
1st – Musical Theatre Group – Anything Goes
2nd – Contemporary Group A – BomBom
2nd – Tap Group – Turn Around
2nd – Slow Modern Group – Halo
HC – Tap Group – Your Nothing Without Me
HC – Slow Modern Group – Depth Over Distance

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