Lismore and Beenleigh Results Week 2


More great results coming from our Coastal Kids this week at Beenleigh & Lismore Eisteddfods!


Under 10 Song & Dance Duo/Trio – 1st Emma Mollison, Ruby O’Halloran & Tiani Cashel-Patterson
9 Years Song & Tap Solo – 3rd Tiani Cashel-Patterson
12 Years Tap Solo – 3rd Riley Johnston
12 Years & Under Tap Duo/Trio – 1st Holly Johnston & Riley Johnston


9 Years Classical Ballet Solo – HC Ruby O’Halloran
9 Years Tap Solo – 2nd Ruby O’Halloran
9 Years Jazz Solo – 2nd Ruby O’Halloran
9 Years Slow Modern Solo – 3rd Ruby O’Halloran
10 Years Tap Solo – 3rd Ruby Johnston
10 Years Slow Modern Solo – HC Ruby Johnston
12 Years Tap Solo – HC Holly Johnston
12 Years Song & Tap Solo – Della Hodgkins
12 Years & Under Tap Impro – 2nd Della Hodgkins

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