GCE Group Weekend 3 Results

12's and 15's

Congratulations to our Senior dancers for a great weekend at Gold Coast Eisteddfod. You were a pleasure to watch & you are such a great group of kids! Thanks to the parents & the nan’s for all you do for the kids. Thanks to our amazing teachers for all your hard work & thank you to Miss Jaimi for being such a handy assistant over the weekend!

15 Years Local Jazz Group – 3rd Get Outta My Way
12 Years Small Group Lyrical – VHC The Scientist
12 Years Small Group Jazz/Tap – 1st Candyman 2nd Titanium
12 Years Song & Tap Group – 3rd Tap Your Troubles Away
15 Years Tap Group – 3rd Steppin’ Out
15 Years Song & Tap Group – 3rd Yankee Doodle
15 Years Lyrical Group – VHC I’ll Be There
15 Years Open Jazz Group – 3rd River Deep
15 Years Song & Dance – VHC Bye Bye Blackbird
15 Years Musical Theatre – HC All That Jazz

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